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Who we are

Our History

CASBE International was founded in 2015 to establish an authentic international school in the then Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. CASBE is an independent co-ed with a growing population of approximately 500 students and a thriving Parent Teacher Association group.


Our mission is to provide individualized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character, enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.


To help each child identify their potential and sufficiently equip each child to attain it. This can be done by developing the love for learning, promote excellence in all areas of endeavours, and provide access to outstanding educational experiences, teachers and facilities


Our values shape the purpose and reality of our school. We not only communicate them, we live and teach them. We equip our students with skills that will provide them with a solid academic foundation, where they support and have respect for one another and their community.

Our Leadership

Meet our visionary team who are spearheading our daily activities


Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Beyere Basongti, PhD



Full Name



Donzie Hubert

A message from our CEO
Christopher Beyere Basongti, PhD

We are pleased to have you visit Casbe International School!

We are proud of our school and each year, as Chief Executive Officer, I feel honoured to be leading an institution of envious excellence. Our teachers are well trained and supported, our parents are committed and engaged, and our students…well, I think they are the best students in the whole wide world!

Our website has information on who we are and how the school operates on a daily basis. Our various sections invite you to visit their pages and learn why Casbe International School continues to excel. As a school using both Cambridge and Ghanaian Curricula, we are confident that this is the best place to learn, thus enrolling your ward today. Walking through our hallways and visiting our classrooms, I am convinced that every effort has been put into ensuring a safe and caring environment for our children.

Here’s hoping for a fun-filled virtual journey through our school!